Contacting a Professional Dominatrix can be scary. There are many reasons for this, but there are two fears that typically resonate on a deep emotional level that underly the rest.

You may have a core belief that you don’t deserve to get what you want. That the world simply won’t allow you to fulfill your desires. You believe you’re the type of person who can’t have what they desire and will generate obstacles that keep from achieving it. When this deep-rooted fear is confronted, the result can be paralysis and inaction. From there, your brain may generate surface-level excuses to prevent you from fulfilling your desires. Inaction is a passive route and will never lead to satisfaction. Action is more difficult than inaction. Be bold. Confront your desires. Submit.

Accompanying any need is the fear that one will not be able to maintain or possess that which they desire. This fear is what holds us back from reaching our potential and from self-actualization. One of the biggest fears when approaching a Prodomme is one that isn’t often talked about. It is the fear that you might actually get what you want. You have to confront your desires and be able to articulate them. This calls into the conscious that which can be lost or denied. The prospect of having your deepest desires met can bring out strong resistance if it conflicts with your pre-determined identity of ‘not worthy.’

For a masochist, getting what you want is the ultimate fear. A fear that is often accompanied by guilt and shame. This is the deepest form of edge play. Confronting the fear that you are worthy. The fear that you deserve to get what you want. The fear that you might just get it… scared, aren’t you?

All of this is tied up with how you contact a Prodomme. All of this is tied up with why I require deposits. Until you are willing to secure my time, you are not ready for the work to begin. Once you do your research and decide to contact the Prodomme that you think is the best fit for you, submit to the process. Follow her direction. Do not expect her to coddle you through the process or persuade you to see her. That is what her website, social media and other content are for. Make a decision. Stick to it. The potential for growth is limitless.