To contact me to set up a session with me in NYC, please fill out the form below. You may also send me an e-mail answering the same questions or leave me a detailed message.

For new suitors, I have a session minimum of $6,000. In order to book a session with me as a first-time client, a minimum of 7 days notice, a 50% deposit, and a reference or verification are all required. If you would like to make your application stand out, send your inquiry with a $100 giftcard.

I have the privilege of being very selective about who I choose to see and thus am very careful of how I allocate my time. I require 24 hours minimum notice to book a session but prefer a week or more notice. My preference is for lunchtime weekday sessions—sessions after 6PM or during the weekend may be subject to an additional fee. I have a 90-minute session minimum. References are appreciated. Deposits are required.

If you are more interested in my traditional Femdom / Dominatrix Sessions, you can either visit or fill out the below application and feel free to ignore the questions about yoga.