I received this beautifully written feedback after a recent session with a new subject and decided to share it with you. You’re welcome.


Hello Mistress, though I feel compelled to refer to you as Goddess. Yoga with you fanned flames of absolute reverence and total devotion in me. In all honesty, our session was far more than I dreamed it would be. Yoga with you is the ultimate form of Goddess worship. Some activities I hoped for, touch I longed for. Release I desperately needed. But you surprised me with touch and blows, breath and directives that far exceeded my fantasies and desires. Thank you Mistress.

Please don’t be offended when I write than no photo I’ve seen of you does you justice. When you opened the door, my breath slipped away. I had to excuse myself. As you sat in baddha konasana, with my face wedged blissfully between your soles, my soul begged for ownership. You possess the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. Thank you Mistress.

Your skilled touch and penetrating directives edged me to an impossibly, precarious precipice of bated breath, genuflection and convulsions. You tugged invisible strings attached to my cock and mind-I convulse. Thank you Mistress. You tell me to breathe. Thank you Mistress.

Complete submission and openness was your command. You demanded I submit all of myself to you, made me bare my vulnerabilities: my heart and  soul, my throat  cock balls, all of me, physically and emotionally. I did so without choice,  naked at the feet of the Goddess. Thank you Mistress.


your slave