What is Dasya Yoga?

Dasya Yoga is a holistic healthcare practice that takes the form of private devotional, kinky yoga sessions with a dominant teacher. Dasya Yoga is a self care regimen designed for masochists, submissives, and those craving human touch. It employs posture, breath work and physical touch to help cultivate personal growth, transformation, devotion and joy. Each Dasya Yoga session can be tailored to your particular interests, desires and fetishes. For example, my yoga foot fetish sessions are very popular.

“Dasya” is Sanskrit for virtuous servitude, practiced in yoga to cultivate beneficial energy as a means of attaining enlightenment. In the West, many yoga practitioners covertly experience the physical experience of yoga as submissive. This is due to cultural emphasis on mind and ego over the body and the divine.

The joy of spiritual devotion is accessible to those willing to be guided beyond fantasy. It requires deep commitment to a practice that works with realigning and exploring sexual energy. The typical reward is profound: improved physical and mental health, plus greater ability to advance in other, more traditional therapeutic practices.

The popularity of yoga in the world attests to the human need to reconcile body and mind. Western healthcare often overlooks the role of sexuality. Many Western therapies treat desire as a problem to be solved. It can be traumatic to be alienated from your desires and unable to express them; confronting the role sexuality plays in your life is cathartic.

Science has shown that the conscious knowledge of prayer can activate healing, one need not believe in God to benefit. In Dasya Yoga, the Teacher holds the space of the divine while students work on the healing work that needs to be done. The quality of Her attention alters consciousness and changes lives.


Dasya Yoga is an integration of BDSM Yoga, Kinky Yoga, Dominatrix Yoga, and Tantra in NYC.

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(Please note that Dasya Yoga is not meant to replace traditional therapy. Please see Manhattan Alternative for a list of LGBTQ, Kink and Poly affirming BDSM professionals.)