Pain has the potential to be a beautiful and transformative thing.

Our aversion to staying present through pain robs us of our potential for growth. Instead of experiencing our pain, we are encouraged to detach, remove and medicate our pain before spending time to consider the best course of action. We treat the pain before determining what it is that our body and our mind truly need.

Pain and suffering are not separate entities. It is often when we allow our breath to get away from us that pain becomes suffering. And it is when there is a lack of intention, consent and control that suffering can be traumatic. While we cannot always be in complete control of painful experiences, creating a safe space to explore pain, suffering and trauma with a skilled practitioner can foster a powerful catharsis.

A muscle cannot grow without exercise. Working out a muscle tears it apart, allowing it to grow back stronger than before.

A trusted Domina plays with your emotions, your fear response, your hormones and brain chemicals. She interweaves fear, acceptance and resolution and allows you to have a new perspective and experience when you encounter pain off of the yoga mat or outside of the dungeon. Learning to breathe through pain, offer the fruits of your labor and your pain to another and knowing and accepting your purpose allows you to walk through life with stronger sense of meaning and personal fortitude.

Suffering is also not without its merit. Offering and devoting your suffering to a trained and skilled Domina can be a transcendent experience.