Masochism and Self Care

For a masochist, learning to care for oneself can be challenging. Discriminating between healthy, beneficial behaviors and harmful ones can be difficult when joy can be derived from pain. If pain is perceived as a reward, masochists may have an easier time imprinting self-destructive habits outside of consensual and intentional BDSM practices. In some instances masochistic habits can be a form of self soothing and self regulation. The process of learning to offer your body as a vessel for service for Mistress, requires that your body is exquisitely and divinely taken care of. That you are aware of your body, of your desires, so you can offer it all. Learning to distinguish between pain that leads to growth, and pain that leads to harm enables an individual to move through life with greater ease as well as the ability to bring your self-awareness as an offering to your Mistress.

Part of the Dasya Yoga regimen incorporates aspects of cultivating sustainable self care practices. In order to serve me up to my standards, one must first learn to take care of themselves. I expect slaves to actively engage with their health, and work to become their best version of themselves so that they can offer more to me and surrender completely.

As fun as it may be to play with taking advantage of your weaknesses, I take much greater pleasure in you confronting them yourself and offering me a self that has been worked on and explored. It is so much more intoxicating and challenging to dominate someone who is willingly offering me the entirety of a thoroughly examined self.

I love toying with the concept of forced self care. Sometimes it is through relinquishing control that we learn to wield it and in turn learn to care for ourselves. Can you learn to relinquish control without relinquishing responsibility for self care and self worth? I support clients to have healthy relationships with their bodies and with their masochism.

We all know that it is often easier to say something nice about someone else, than it is to accept compliments for ourselves. We are often our own harshest critics. Devoting your practice, the fruits of your labor and the actions of your life to your Mistress allows you the ease of serving ‘other’ while simultaneously serving the Self and reaping the benefits of submission. Your actions become in service to your Mistress, every action embedded with a deep sense of gratitude, grounding and humility.

# through has infinite potential.