I am Danielle Blunt. I have been training and working at the intersection of healthcare and sexuality since age 18. Dasya Yoga grew organically out of my work as a yoga teacher and professional dominatrix. While working as a dominatrix I utilized BDSM as a healing modality. People came to me to explore BDSM as a means to explore their sexuality, to cultivate sustainable self care practices, to strengthen their interpersonal relationships, and (in conjunction with traditional therapy) to manage anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia.

As I prefer an integrated approach, I decided to make Dasya Yoga known to people who don’t necessarily identify sexually as submissive or masochistic but feel called to cultivating greater self awareness. 

Though serious about my work, you will find me down-to-earth and approachable. I am respectful toward all who show respect. I am particularly respectful of secret needs, desires and urges, believing as I do that repressing these causes hiṃsā (unnecessary harm). I think that it is what people put themselves through to avoid pain that’s perverse. I enjoy guiding people to their emotional edges, holding the space for them to explore previously uncharted or repressed territory. I love tears, forbearance and suffering for health.

I am a spiritual person with affection for all paths of devotion. I am a creative artist and enjoy when students can bring their own creative work into their Dasya practice. Journaling and other creative practices are often incorporated into the Dasya practice.

My perspective is informed by my own lifelong experience with chronic illness and pain. In some ways, this might be my primary credential as a guide. That said, apart from my experience in BDSM, I also have vast experience as a healthcare professional; please see “Credentials” for specifics on my education and training.