Q: Is Dasya Yoga sexual?

A: Dasya Yoga is a healing practice that deals openly with arousal and desire. Communication is not limited by taboos. It is a tactile therapy that may involve student/teacher contact. People who are who are seeking solely fantasy fulfillment should probably look elsewhere. Dasya Yoga is centered around self-exploration.


Q: Is Dasya Yoga legal?

A: Yes. Danielle does not engage in illegal practices. In New York State, transactions involving genital contact are illegal.


Q: Will anyone be naked?

A: Just you.


Q: Will I get hurt?

A: All growth hurts. However, I am highly intuitive and have no desire to take you somewhere you are uninterested in going. I am interested in working with both submissives and masochists alike.


Q: Why is it so much more expensive than other yoga?

A: Because it’s much more powerful, requiring much more skill and training to teach.


Q: I still don’t get it, can we talk?

A: If you would like a consultation, I would be happy to discuss further and see if we are a good fit.